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Charity Walks – Use Incentives to Hook Sponsors

by Roger Carr

Charity walks can benefit tremendously from the support of businesses. They can potentially provide money, required products, and volunteer time.

Businesses all around you need new ways to promote their products and services to the community. They also need to continually find new ways to improve employee satisfaction. Supporting charity walks is one great way to do this.

Contact businesses in your area for support. Let them know the impact your nonprofit organization is making, the benefit your charity walk and organization will receive from their business donation, and what benefits they can receive through their generosity.

Make sure you are offering many of the following ways to benefit your charity walk sponsors:

  • Mention sponsors on all event promotion material. Let everyone you promote your charity walk to, know who your sponsors are. This is great advertising for your sponsors.
  • Print the logo of each sponsor on charity walk shirts. Participants turn into moving billboards for the charity and sponsors every time they wear the shirt.
  • Provide a table for each sponsor on the day of the event. Walkers will be able to visit each sponsor’s display and be able to get their questions answered immediately by the company representatives covering the event. It also provides an opportunity for the sponsor to provide promotion material to the walk participants.
  • Provide an opportunity for the sponsors to provide samples of their products to the walk participants. They can do this at their sponsor tables. It can also happen by putting together a gift bag for all of your walkers or by using sponsor products as prizes.
  • Present thank you plaques or certificates to all of your charity walk sponsors. Many shops and restaurants will display these at their place of business in a location where customers and employees can view them. This can improve the image of the business while also continuing to raise awareness of your organization.

Be creative in finding additional ways for companies to benefit from their sponsorship of your charity walks. The next time you discuss opportunities with a local business, you will be able to share several benefits they will receive for their contribution. It will be a win-win proposal that will help you secure more sponsorships for a more successful charity walk.

Go to and discover more tips and resources to help make your charity walks more successful.

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4 Responses so far.

  1. MilaNo Gravatar says:

    All you do and write about is just great. Hooking sponsors in very important because it’s one of the things which can really work efficintly and help to find money for charity. If I were a sponsor I think it would be important for me to help the right project, learn more about it and make sure that it’s what I wanna do. It’s important to get to know about benefits, if a sponsor will be offered valuable benefits they will get more interested. But I think some people do not even need that – for them it’s important to help and to invest in the right project.

  2. JimNo Gravatar says:

    I have an experience with managing an event last year and ohh my it is not easy to find sponsors. Some would not be willing to give money buy products and some wanted an exchange deal.

  3. Well,what can I say but time has changed a lot. Most people of today are not willing to give out something without getting something attractive in return. Even charitable events now needs something to attract people to sponsor it. It would make charity appear as sort of an investment.

  4. SarahNo Gravatar says:

    Some sponsors nowadays need a lot of time to convince and some offered for exchange deal than giving free sponsorship. But in order to make then commit on the next event, they should be given a good deal so they will know that they can benefit from this.

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