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Charity Walks – 7 Unique Ways to Say Thank You to Your Volunteers

by Roger Carr

Recognizing volunteers who support your charity walks is critical. Appropriate volunteer recognition will help keep your volunteers motivated and interested in supporting your organization for many years to come.

Are you ready to kick up your volunteer recognition program a notch? Try some of the following unique ways to thank your volunteers:

  1. Write a thank you note to the volunteer’s spouse or parents. A volunteer sacrifices his or her time in support of your nonprofit organization. The volunteer is typically not the only one making a sacrifice. A spouse may have to pick up extra duties. A parent may have to drive the child to and from each meeting and event. Think about others who are inconvenienced by providing support to a volunteer “behind the scenes” and send them a thank you note.
  2. Write a letter of recognition to the volunteer’s supervisor or school. Businesses and schools consider community service important. Volunteering can aid a person in pursuing a career. Volunteering can also help a student when being considered for certain classes and also when it comes time to apply for college or a job. Make sure you notify the volunteers’ supervisors and schools regarding the great support you’re receiving and the impact that it is making.
  3. Track the volunteer’s hours of service and submit for the President’s Volunteer Service Award. It doesn’t take as many volunteer hours as you might think to qualify for the award. Go to to learn more about the award.
  4. Create a volunteer photo wall. Find a space to display photos of your volunteers. They can be studio shots or captured in action. Volunteers will be scrambling to find their photo on the wall every time they visit.
  5. Invite volunteers to observe or participate in organization meetings and training events. Volunteers should be considered an extension of the nonprofit organization staff. By allowing them to participate in some of the organization’s other activities, they create a stronger bond with the organization and learn more about the impact the organization is making. This in turn results in a more dedicated (and appreciative) volunteer.
  6. Send handwritten thank you notes from individuals who have been directly helped by the organization. My most prized thank you came in the form of a handwritten note from a young girl who was helped by the organization I supported. This is a powerful way to show appreciation to volunteers.
  7. Nominate volunteers for community service awards. Search for community service awards in your area and nominate deserving volunteers who support your efforts. United Way is one organization that has such awards. You should also consider creating your own volunteer awards that can be presented annually to your most capable and dedicated volunteers.

Your charity walks would not be successful without motivated volunteers. Regularly find ways to let your volunteers know that you are grateful for the time and energy they contribute to your cause.

Go to to discover more tips and resources to help make your charity walks more successful.

Copyright 2009 Roger Carr All Rights Reserved

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