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charity walks sponsor proposalWhen you approach potential sponsors for your charity walks, do you request a “handout” or do you present a well thought out proposal that describes how the business will receive as much or more than they contribute?

Businesses need to make a profit. You need to show them that their sponsorship is important and beneficial. There is nothing wrong with finding ways they can benefit from their generous donations in support of your cause and event.

Traditional benefits provided to charity walk sponsors include printed logos on the walkers t-shirts, a listing of sponsors in the promotional material, and providing sponsor tables at the event. Don’t stop at what has been done traditionally. Be creative.

Consider some of these unique sponsor incentives for your next charity walks:

  • Send a press release. Get the attention of the media for both your organization and the sponsor by submitting a press release. Don’t limit your submission to the local media. Make sure it is posted online as well to increase exposure.
  • Mention sponsors in newsletter and emails. Your nonprofit organization probably sends out emails on a regular basis to your supporters. You probably send out a newsletter in the mail as well. Another benefit you can provide the supporter, is to mention their generosity to your supporters in these emails and newsletters.
  • Add links on your websites. If the sponsor has a web site, the company can receive multiple benefits from you adding a link to their website on your websites. This includes links from your charity walk blog and other online social sites. Your charity walk doesn’t have a blog? It’s time to get one started.
  • Offer speeches and workshops. Your organization is making an impact in the world. You know, better than anyone, about the challenges of the cause and what is possible with the support of others. Offer a speech or class on the topic to educate and help the sponsor’s employees. If the topic is not something of general interest, offer to teach a class on topics such as leadership, organization, or public speaking.

Make it easy for the potential sponsor to say “yes” to your proposal to support your charity walks. Show the company unique ways their donation may benefit their financial bottom line in a positive way. Presenting a win-win proposal will better your chances of adding that sponsor as a supporter to your charity walks and keeping that sponsor’s support for a long time.



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2 Responses so far.

  1. StacyNo Gravatar says:

    Previously I worked at a university. We often have charity events and one of the most popular ways to promote our sponsors was the Press Release. Press Releases not only provide great coverage for our events but also give extra mileage to our sponsors.

    • Roger CarrNo Gravatar says:

      I agree that press releases are a terrific way to promote charity walks and other special events. When sending out the press releases, they need to be distributed both online and offline for maximum exposure.

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