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Have you been searching for a way to promote and coordinate your charity walks using mobile technology only to find the options were expensive or lacking in quality? This week, I discovered a free smartphone app creator that can be used to create professional looking apps in support of your events.

richmond arthritis walk appI have started experimenting with Yapp Events. You can view the smartphone app that I am creating to promote the 2013 Richmond Arthritis Walk at or scan this QR code with your smartphone.

The apps created work on both iOS and Android devices. The app creator makes it easy to enter event information into the app and also includes app pages that contain contact information and photo galleries. Professional details have been included like making the event address clickable to automatically bring up a map to the location.

Try the Yapp Events app creator for yourself. Be sure to leave a comment about your experience and creative ways the app could be used in support of your charity walks.

Introducing Yapp Events from Yapp on Vimeo.

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16 Responses so far.

  1. Promoting the charity walk through the lustrous mobile app is indeed a great idea. Thanks for providing me with a new tool, I will surely give it a whirl as I am planning for a charity walk the next month.

  2. Joe HartNo Gravatar says:

    Interesting app..Such an app has been long due..Will surely give it a try…Thanks for sharing this info..Cheers

  3. Thanks for introducing such a useful app. It is indeed a unique idea to promote charity walks via such mobile apps.

  4. JoyNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks for writing about this application. It looks like an excellent tool for promoting events. I’ll be using this soon.

  5. Because most of us are quite captivated with the power of the newest telecommunications gadgets like smartphones, it’s really wise that someone or some company came up with a smartphone app for events. Charity walks are not just for showmanship, it’s got more than being sensational in its strictest sense. It’s a good thing there’s an app for that, so we can reach out better to people who would want to take part in fun runs and fund-raising events like charity walks.

  6. StaceyNo Gravatar says:

    My friend likes to have charity walks. I’ll be sure to share this with him when I get to talk with him. This will definitely help him spread the news.

  7. This is taking charity walks to a whole new level! With the trending use of smartphones these days, no wonder people don’t see each other, they’d just find out abbout what happens in whose life at the moment through updates from their phones. Sounds cool. But it’s still best if we can make use of technology a little more credible. Like Spreading the word on a big, fund-raising charity walk.

  8. I often organize charity walks in the area and I usually just use social media sites as a way to promote it. I’m glad to know that there’s also an app that can help me promote these walks. Thanks for the article.

  9. Smartphones today have revolutionized the way things are done. The various apps today have made things way simpler. Thanks for sharing info about this app. It can help a noble cause.

  10. I love joining charity walks and I’m so happy that there are smartphones in the market right now that are equipped with a cause-related app. It would be easier for fun-runners and campaign buffs to get in touch and gather more participants.

  11. cable tiesNo Gravatar says:

    This is quite the app. I’ll be sure to check it out soon, and if I have the time, I’ll try to join the cause. Great job on this.

  12. EmiliaNo Gravatar says:

    This looks like a good application to use in promoting the charity walks our organization likes to organize.Thanks for this feature. I think that it is a very useful tool.

  13. With today’s innovation it’s good to know simple things like this are not available on mobile apps. It’s truly a wonder on what technology can do. Excellent post by the way, keep it up!

  14. It is always great to use latest technology to promote things…Charity is a noble cause and technology can help a great deal..Thanks for sharing.

  15. SonaliNo Gravatar says:

    Promoting the charity walk through the lustrous mobile app is indeed a great idea. Thanks for providing me with a new tool, I will surely give it a whirl as I am planning for a charity walk the next month.

  16. Wow this is really a good idea of promoting charity walk. Thanks for the good info about the Yapp Events.

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