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The idea of combining work, play and giving isn’t a new one, speaking to the positive benefits that walking has on the body while outlining the generosity to be found in the hearts of many of the world’s people. When charitable acts meet fun and exercise, the result is always a good time for a good cause and this has gotten millions of Americans involved in worthy efforts that benefit themselves and everyone around them.

Keep fit by keeping moving and earn money for a worthy cause while you’re at it – here are five charity walking events across the United States:

1. Walk for Hope

Walk for Hope

One of the largest cancer fundraising efforts in the world is the Walk for Hope, a charity that donates its proceeds to the battle against the breast and gynecological cancers that affect our sisters, mothers, daughters and wives. With walks taking place all over the country, there is an opportunity for anyone and everyone to get involved as a walker or as an aid to the overall process.

When and Where: Walk for Hope events take place all over the United States with this year’s walks being held in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Diego and Washington, D.C. Besides, so-called virtual walks are always held in Chicago, Seattle and San Francisco, allowing even those unable to walk to take part and help a worthy cause! To get from location to location and manage to visit all the events, you may want to use

2. American Heart Association’s Heart Walk

American Heart Association's Heart Walk

Heart disease and stroke are two of the top three killers in the United States and the American Heart Association is the premiere American society dedicated to helping to educate people before problems arise and aiding those who have survived these afflictions. Held for more than 20 years and raising many millions of dollars over that span, the Heart Walk represents the best opportunity for combining heart-related charity with physical exercise.

When and Where: With more than 100 walks held in various locations around the U.S., people from all walks of life are taking part in the Heart Walk, combining to raise tens of millions of dollars each year. For details on a Heart Walk taking place in your area, use’s selection tool.

3. Jingle Bell Run/Walk

Jingle Bell Run

Held annually early in the winter holiday season, Jingle Bell Runs take place in cities around North America and help to raise funds for the Arthritis Foundation in support of people suffering from that disease. Participants can form teams of runners and walkers, raising money through donations leading up the event and then taking part on the big day, promoting a healthy lifestyle while giving to a very worthy cause.

When and Where: Many different cities play host to official Jingle Bell Run events each year; visit the website linked above to quickly search for a group in your area!

4. Challenge Walk MS

Challenge Walk MS

The Challenge Walk MS is one of the biggest charitable events to support multiple sclerosis, encompassing 20 cities around the United States and many thousands of participants. The event itself is physically demanding, covering up to 75 km over a two or three day period and offering the opportunity for an unforgettable journey that will change your life and the lives of others.

When and Where: No less than 10 American cities host Challenge Walks, making it possible for almost anyone to get involved! Click the link above to learn more about host cities for this year’s event.

5. Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

Raising money for breast cancer research is the Avon Walk, a very tough two day event that sees participants cover up to 60 km on foot. Raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for the cause each year, the Avon Walk is a wonderful way to support a healthy lifestyle while supporting women from around the world who have been affected by breast cancer.

When and Where: Avon Walks are held in regions throughout both North America and Europe; the link to their website found above will provide a simple search form to look for Avon Walk activity in your area

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  1. emiliaNo Gravatar says:

    I would really love to join one of these charity walks. It seems fun. What’s good is that while enjoying, you are able to extend help to people in need. Nice post, dear!

  2. nappy cakeNo Gravatar says:

    Being part of a noble purpose is actually a blessing. These charity events are actually an inspiration to more and more people to do good for others. Thanks for sharing.

  3. [...] Put your mom skills to extra good use, exercising all the while, by contributing to any one of these four mom-focused charity walks to join next year (also find more charity walks here): [...]

  4. HeatherNo Gravatar says:

    Good thing that a lot of people are sponsoring these events and I am hoping that all countries will also at least do this once a year. It will help a lot.

  5. A charity walk or run is not only a healthy way for your participants to raise money for a good cause, but also a very visible way of publicizing your charitable cause to the community.

  6. Roderick P. RayNo Gravatar says:

    To avoid disappointment, experts say we should make small, daily changes that are easy for us to incorporate every day. We at Fitbit believe wholeheartedly in that philosophy! Little daily changes, like walking around the block at lunch or parking in the farthest spot in the lot, can add up to something big. To help you see how these little daily changes add up, our Fitbit trackers track every step you do 24 hours a day. By seeing how much they move (in real time), our users say they walk 40% more each day to hit the recommended 10,000 steps a day. Which, when you add it up over the course of a year, is over 500 miles! That’s basically like walking the distance around the Serengeti.

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