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Planning and remembering events is a very difficult process and something that is harder and harder in this day and age. The problem is that these days we simply have too much going on for many of us to keep track of. There are the hundreds of events that most of us attend for instance which include corporate events, family events, weddings and others. Then there are the day to day tasks we need to take care of which might include going to work, bringing home work with us, commuting, taking children to school, walking dogs and washing and tidying around the house. Then there are the emergencies that crop up unannounced when someone gets ill or hurts themselves, or when the boiler breaks. Then there are the inconveniences such as cars stopping working. Then there is the time we want just for ourselves or to spend with our partner. It’s pretty hard to fit it all in.

And this is why save the date cards and invitations are so important to help us plan in advance. In today’s busy world, if you ask someone if they are free next week then they will almost invariably say no. They are either visiting family, going to a wedding, have to save work, have to save money, feel ill or otherwise engaged. On the other hand, if you mention an event that’s up coming and they are free, then there’s always a fairly good chance that between now and then, they will end up booking something else accidentally or being called upon and forget the occasion they were meant to be going to. Many of us have great friends who we love and miss but who we haven’t seen for years because life keeps unfortunately getting in the way.

This is why save the dates are so important. A save the date is a way to ‘get in there’ early and let people know you have an event coming up that they should put aside time for. Because you’ve gotten there early then this means that they will have the time free, and because you’ve given them a physical reminder they will hopefully remember to keep that day free and not to book anything else in the meantime.

There are other tools and things that can help you to organize yourself though as well. For instance if you are going to be going to lots events and have a busy lifestyle then having a calendar is an absolutely crucial tool for helping you to plan your life. You can hang this in a room, and then simply all you need to do is to fill it out with new events each time one comes along. This way you can then just consult your calendar before you book anything new and you will find out well in advance if you can’t make it.

A similar tool to use alongside save the dates is a dairy. This is a book you can carry on you, which means you can compare dates even when on the move and which means that you can transfer appointments into your calendar later.

Jordan Siron is a web enthusiast who likes to provide save the date printing tips with the help of his blog.

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22 Responses so far.

  1. Carmen says:

    I do used notes and post on our fridge for reminding me. That is a great article. Keep it up.

  2. Jessa Kate says:

    Time management is one of the tool that I am using in order to perform every task effectively, I am totally agree that planning and remembering is difficult process and you need to be sharp on it…

  3. David Faust says:

    You considered using online calendar too?Online notes?

    David Faust

  4. Jacqueline says:

    I always write reminders in the sticker paper and put it my bulletin to remind me for the important things i need to for the whole week.

  5. Everlyn K. says:

    I believe planning and remembering events are integral for human beings. What’s the best strategy now to forget the stuff you need to get done?


  6. Collette Jones says:

    I would have to say that I am the worst for remembering anything, so I have a ton of stick notes on my computer monitor and all around the house with the goal that they will help. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t .

  7. tinafreysd says:

    I think you should use online calendar..Hope this one help a lot..

  8. Windows reseller hosting says:

    This notes are really useful if you want to perform any task at the time. I always prefer this technique and it work best.

  9. Mary Hamptom says:

    I use the mirror and dry erase markers, so every morning when i go to brush my teeth, I am remind of the things i have to do.

  10. Laura says:

    Planning and remembering events is really important. This will help you make you daily task easy… Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  11. Myrtle says:

    I have a ton of stick notes on my computer monitor and all around the house with the goal that they will help.

  12. Grace says:

    There are many tips and tricks to use to improve your memory. Employing memorization techniques, such as mnemonic devices and efficient note taking, will give your brain a workout while also increasing your ability to remember things..

  13. kaitlin says:

    I’ve been using my smartphone and alarm to remind me of any events I am committed to.

  14. Annie says:

    I stick a note on the fridge and on the door on the way out… that way I can’t forget the important things that are needed to be done

  15. Pubudu says:

    I’m using Google calendar and sync it with blackberry. Its really easy as you can sync them all.
    If you could, divide each day into hours and stick to plan. Try to do 10min or 15min tasks. You’ll be able to get more things done

  16. Anne Little says:

    Planning is everything and it involves almost all things. From remembering down to implementing what you have planned. In order to accomplished what you have planned you must include the details of it. And the kind of preparation you will be going to do to gain it.

  17. Rena says:

    I suggest you use your smartphone to make a reminder. I do that!

  18. Mark S. Strecker says:

    We are many tips and tricks to use to improve your memory using Google calendar, notes on my computer monitor. it’s helps our daily tasks easily.

  19. Planning and remembering your events is very important since you don’t wanna miss some very urgent and necessary appointments. Plus when you plan out well you will be able to prepare for the up coming event.

  20. Christine says:

    I usually bring a small notebook with me everywhere I go and whenever I think of something I would need to do, I’d jot it down right away so that when I open it up again in a few hours I would be reminded again of the things I need to do.

  21. Lilly Kai says:

    I’m using Evernote: on my PC, phone and tablet. Evrything is sinchronised. It’s the best ever for me!

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